Whitespace Release 2.17 is now live!

Our first release of 2024 brings three new features to enhance our users experience on the platform.
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The new Rolling Back Signed Contracts to a Firm Order Whitespace feature will allow brokers to revert signed contracts back to the firm order stage so that they may add further underwriters, request line revisions, add sections or verticalisation, or undertake any other actions available at the firm order stage.

Additionally, brokers can now request leading quotes from multiple parties to the same facility when declaring a contract on Whitespace. This new feature will allow brokers to proceed with the most competitive offer.

In our third new feature in the latest release, brokers can now assign participants a line percentage on the contract declaration up to their original written line on the facility agreement without requiring any additional specific agreement from that party.

“It’s easy to talk about commitment to acting on customer feedback, but at Whitespace it is absolutely part of our culture. The three new features in this latest release directly respond to feedback and we will continue to enhance the capabilities and user experience of the platform to make sure that it stays relevant and ahead of the game.”

Charley Wright, head of account management.

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