Whitespace Release 2.14 is now live!

Catch up with the updates in this new release.
speech marks "We’re really proud to see another major release that advances our data-first capabilities and credentials in the hands of our users in 2023" Charley Wright, Head of Account Management

Whitespace users can enjoy a number of new features in the sixth major release in 2023

This release sees (re)insurers become able to set 'Approved Brokers' to support their control needs and mirror similar functionality already in place for broker users.

In-line attachments, introduced in January 2022, can now be optionally exported at the front of a contract, rather than solely as an appendix.

On top of this, a host of defined data enhancements have been delivered, including the ability to search through the data tags, cross reference tags if used more than once in a contract and assign multiple values to a single tag.

And, finally, user-defined custom activities have been introduced, providing increased flexibility for integrated systems, customers and partners alike.

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