A track record of delivering insurance TEchnology


Whitespace was established in 1985 with an initial focus on Lloyd’s members’ agents. If you are or ever have been a member of Lloyd’s, the chances are your underwriting capacity is or was handled by one of our systems. We remain the pre-eminent supplier to Lloyd’s member’s agents today with our systems supporting over £1bn of private capital.

Solutions, software & systems

Over time we added broker systems, claims management software, and insurance risk pricing to our solution portfolio. We develop and support bespoke software when complexity, specialisation or competitive advantage requires it, and we have a reputation for technical excellence and an ability to work ‘close to the metal’ for the highest possible performance.

Whitespace Platform

in 2015 we focused on new distributed databases and agile data techniques with a view to their application to insurance. Among other solutions, this led to the Whitespace Platform, a modern and integrated trading system for the global (re)insurance markets.

We are excited about the future. From the new interest in private capital at Lloyd’s to the digital market enabled by the Whitespace Platform and everything in between.