NEON_logo_horiz_cropNeon needed an efficient way of reporting syndicate figures, for internal use and to be sent to Lloyd’s. Excel spreadsheets were too difficult to maintain. There had to be a better way.


Time is saved, accuracy is improved. The AnnAcc system automates almost everything, so numbers come straight in from accounting and underwriting systems. Numbers are crunched and outputs created. All within an auditable framework, where manual intervention is logged and searchable.


“Whitespace developed our solution for the Core Market Returns in time for the year end despite only starting in October. We have now replaced our old spreadsheets, with a fully auditable and automated system.”

Richard Sage – Neon Finance Project Manager


Two Whitespace developers worked at Neon’s offices, simultaneously analysing the spreadsheet process and developing the AnnAcc system. We had minute-by-minute contact with Neon staff, so problems were rapidly solved together.


AnnAcc is a Windows-based C# system storing data in SQL/Server.