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Welcome to Whitespace

the digital (re)insurance Trading Platform

WEB app - MOBILE app - full API integration

Our vision of the future of Insurance is simple: it IS digital.

Without digital data the benefits and efficiency gains the market needs will never be realised.



Whitespace is the truly digital platform for the global (re)insurance marketplace. Contracts created and processed using Whitespace are made entirely of data.

When digital data is used as the vehicle for risk transfer (not Word or PDF documents), the potential benefits of digital transformation of your business become realisable. And the possibilities are endless.

We strongly believe that Carriers and Brokers who go digital, will outperform those who do not.

Increases in speed, accuracy, availability and and quantity of in-depth data for risk analysis, all provide significant benefits to Brokers and Carriers.

Above all, insurers act in the interests their Customers, for whom a digital connection can mean real time access to the risk placement, quicker payments and faster responses on claims.



The complete end to end process is supported; with Whitespace, brokers and underwriters create risk submissions, collaborate on contracts, communicate via realtime instant messaging, request and provide quotes, bind, sign and endorse (re)insurance contracts digitally.


The entire content of a digital contract is structured into data and available to other systems. This is all made possible through the use of API (Application Programming Interface) technology. Further still, other systems are able to provide data back to Whitespace, updating contracts, and performing actions such as Quoting or agreeing Firm Orders.


Our core principles

  1. FULLY Digital

  2. Ease of ACCESS

  3. user experience


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