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Hampden wanted a modern integrated solution to bring together all the multi-faceted requirements of a Members’ Agent.


Ease of use, power  and flexibility are enabled by using the latest user interface and database techniques.

Use of the most modern development platforms and techniques means that improvements can be implemented rapidly, with natural integration of document processing and data imports and exports.


“Hampden Agencies have been using Whitespace as the supplier of its core business software for many years. We have been pleased with both the quality of the software supplied and with the support provided by Whitespace staff.”

Alan Higgins – IT Project Manager, Hampden Agencies Limited
(Lloyd’s of London Members’ Agency)


Whitespace worked closely with Hampden in an agile multi-year project, with development prototypes updated at least weekly. This enabled informed planning, review and priority setting to ensure that Hampden achieved the maximum possible benefit from project time.

Since Whitespace already had the benefit of over two decades of experience with the systems and processes required by Members’ Agents, the majority of planning time was able to concentrate on fine tuning of the requirements as opposed to design from first principles.


By starting with powerful C# and SQL Server tools, it has been possible to add further compatible systems which each have specific technical challenges but which are able to share common functions where appropriate.

These include

  • NAPE – a configurable platform for building LLV Reports and Accounts with XBRL integration
  • TracMan – managing accounts instructions, workflow and tracking
  • HAVEN – a bespoke customer relationship system