Lloyd’s rewards companies who place risks electronically. Here’s how Whitespace can help.

Every contract is on your iPad, accurate to the second. Whitespace does better than the paper process. It compares quotes. Re-typing disappears. There’s no training course because Whitespace looks like what you’re doing every day.

The whole contract is digitised, not just a few fields. You can see it on an iPad or computer back at the office. Because it is in the cloud, it is instant from anywhere for the broker and underwriter. All you need is an internet connection.

Word Add-In

Wordings Technician

The Market Reform Contract (MRC) has always been printed and carried in a slipcase. Now, when a broker clicks ‘Publish’ in Word, the MRC is readable and searchable forever. It looks like the paper contract, but you can scroll up and down and carry it on an iPad. You add other documents like photographs and spreadsheets by simple drag-and-drop. The digitisation can also happen in a browser.

Chat and table

Placing Broker

A broker can manage every contract from draft to final signature on an iPad. If a change is needed, it’s made once, not re-keyed. The change is instantly available to the people who should see it. Fewer bits of paper, less typing is the modern way.

There are new functions too. A broker can compare two quotes using ‘Differences’. Everyone can ‘Chat’ to discuss the contract terms.

Risk Details in Browser

Underwriter at the Box

An underwriter can use the iPad, but the computer on the desk has all the same functions.

You see what work your team is doing. You can read the whole contract and check how far it’s got in placing. Subjectivities and endorsements look exactly as you would expect. When you write a line, the stamp is there, ready.

Writing a line


It’s not good enough that Whitespace works. It must work beautifully. We believe in a user experience that will make information enjoyable. The more enjoyable we can make it, the more use you will get from it.


There’s no limit to what can be connected to Whitespace. The board reporting pack is up-to-the-minute. Brokers might check for old copies of clauses. Carriers can use a pricing engine to work out the premium.

Lloyd’s rewards companies who place risks electronically. Whitespace can help you get those rewards.

Contact Marcus Broome marcus.broome@whitespace.co.uk or Jody Wilkinson jody.wilkinson@whitespace.co.uk or call them on 020 7240 0208.