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On being accepted by the AppStore

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Our first version of the Argenta ReportCentre app was rejected by Apple. The reason was issue 11.1 : Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected

We re-worked the app to connect to a public Couchbase database and download demonstration data. We added an upfront “Connect” button for Argenta’s staff and clients to use. That was enough for Apple – the app was live on the AppStore within just a couple of days.

Profiteroles and Tuiles

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Last Tuesday, we learned to make profiteroles, tuiles, artisanal chocolates and griottine teardrops.

ADCAllSmiles(Left to right) Claire Stembridge, Marcus Broome, Amélie Le Bail, Andrzej Trybulski, Lynda Mettouchi, Pierre Henry, Tekka Suzuki (his head obscured by…), Kevin Guillamond, Dermot McLaughlin.


The end result


  • Tuiles
  • Artisanal chocolates
  • Profiteroles with a praline filling
  • Chocolate and griottine cherry teardrops