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Nigel Roberts of Aegis sees real potential in Whitespace

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We were delighted to see the piece in Insurance Day where Nigel Roberts, head of distribution at Aegis London, reflects on how to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Where I see real potential is in a system like Whitespace, which is gaining traction in the market. Where it scores over PPL is that Whitespace looks and feels much more user-friendly. Brokers certainly like it – and while not the finished article, colleagues who have tried it are very positive. This, to me, indicates the direction in which we need to move if we are to truly modernise.

RFIB to adopt Whitespace for digital risk placement

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RFIB is partnering with Whitespace for a global roll out of its digital contract placement system across RFIB’s technicians, placing brokers, classes of business, and markets in the course of 2019. The adoption of the platform will be a foundational element for RFIB’s digital transformation initiatives which are reinventing the way in which the group works with its clients and markets: streamlining and enabling data flows from front to back office.

Angus Kennedy, Group CIO RFIB, said: “Whitespace gives us a platform to build a fully digital end-to-end broking experience. With contracts in the cloud from the beginning of the placing process we can open our clients up to global capacity with a click. Post-bind we can integrate the data flows into our downstream partners and systems to increase speed while reducing the errors that are inevitable in a process involving many human touchpoints.”

Marcus Broome, Director, Whitespace commented: “We are delighted to be part of RFIB’s digital transformation programme. Whitespace enables market firms to move their business online without compromising the people and business interactions which are central to the market. We look forward to working with RFIB in collaboration with other brokers and carriers using Whitespace and to enabling the downstream efficiencies”.

Price Forbes adopts Whitespace for Electronic Placing

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Price Forbes & Partners has entered into a partnership with Whitespace to provide electronic placing capability for its London business. The platform will commence trading over the next few months, with all classes of business to be rolled out in a phased manner during 2019.

The move is part of a larger deal with Whitespace for the development of new digital functionality designed to support Price Forbes’ clients and markets, and will also encompass other Ardonagh Group companies.
James Masterton, CEO Price Forbes, said: “An end-to-end and fully digital client engagement is critical to our future success. Whitespace will enable us to work with the latest technology, providing a better experience for our clients, our markets and our people.”

Marcus Broome, Director, Whitespace commented: “We are thrilled that Price Forbes is adopting the Whitespace Platform. Truly digital business models are a prerequisite to the market achieving the savings which are vital to its future. We are committed to helping insurance organisations to implement those models.”

Click here to download the press release.

Nimble, Quick and Focussed

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The work we’re doing for the LM TOM Innovation Council is going well and getting noticed. Yesterday, the website profiled Paul Richmond of Price Forbes, who had this to say:

What do you consider to be the most exciting InsurTech business today?

I deal with a number of technology vendors that are looking to deal with changes that I’m sure most of the market will be facing.

One firm, in particular, that stands out is WhiteSpace Software. This firm is really nimble, has a great attitude to innovation, is quick to produce a proof of concept and always focusses on quicker, easier transactions for the market.

Read the profile of Paul Richmond.

Test Coverage in Swift

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We’re using the Xcode unit testing framework, and then gathering our test coverage statistics. It’s a great encouragement to see 100% coverage of the code you’re writing. Personally, I like to see the results big and bold, so I use the Slather tool to see them as a web page, alongside Apple’s too-cool-by-half understated bar graph.


On being accepted by the AppStore

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Our first version of the Argenta ReportCentre app was rejected by Apple. The reason was issue 11.1 : Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected

We re-worked the app to connect to a public Couchbase database and download demonstration data. We added an upfront “Connect” button for Argenta’s staff and clients to use. That was enough for Apple – the app was live on the AppStore within just a couple of days.