logo_purpleArgenta create bespoke reports for each private capital client. The ReportCentre system lets an executive find the right document amongst hundreds of clients, and a range of reports covering past, present and future. In the office, it’s a website. Outside, it’s an app.


No more hunting for the right report, or worrying that it’s not up to date. It’s a beautifully curated library of the current documents, easy to look at or email on to the client.


Argenta had built the back end processes to create the library. They could see the scale of the presentation challenge. We showed them iOS apps synchronising in seconds, and they immediately saw this as a solution.


We store document meta-data in a Couchbase database, with the original documents as attachments. A server process watches the document library for updates. The website uses the Angular platform. The app carefully synchronises only those attachments of interest to the user.