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Agile information

Our agile data techniques share critical information in real time. Your data is always available and always up to date. You don’t have to go looking for it — it comes to you. We use the full potential of mobile devices to deliver new benchmarks in performance.

We synchronise mobile data sets in real time, automatically and to everyone. No matter the continent or time-zone. Our approach allows data of varying structures and types to work side by side, ideal for rapid integration. The same data is on your desktop and on your mobile device.

Perfect for when you are logged in. And when you’re not.


Beauty is engaging

It’s not good enough that it works. It must work beautifully.

We believe the value of an engaging user experience goes way beyond aesthetics.
We make fascinating, engaging and highly responsive applications, designed to make lingering over the information enjoyable. And the more enjoyable we can make it then the more engaging and insightful it will be.

Data in our Triangulation App


Data and sentiment

We can capture information, text, documents, voice, images and sentiment from your workforce — and share that in real time. Work groups can share risks, and comment on pricing, terms, expected outcomes. Data can be gathered and shared with actuarial teams to blend professional experience with algorithmic projections.

“[Whitespace did] just about as good a job of explaining the database technology as it was possible to do”

Customer feedback, July 2016

The agile databases which facilitate this are a great 21st Century invention. The old relational model forced you to store information in a way that suited the database. The NoSQL model holds everything in a more natural way, which opens up all these opportunities. Read more…


It’s a people business

Demographics, it’s a people business.

The brightest recruits today have their own expectations of technology. Always on. Data shared instantly. Responsive to a touch.

That’s what we provide.


Live Examples

A leading terrorism risk insurer shares with us the enthusiasm for the Agile Data technology. They commissioned a Proof of Concept to look at analysing and displaying millions of terrorism risks on an iPad. We had fun using Apple’s mapping functions, and the result looks great. Watch this space for a live project later in the year. Read more…

Argenta Private Capital commissioned ReportCentre. They have thousands of documents, personalised to the hundreds of investors they work for. They needed an intranet system for use inside the office, and an app for when they are visiting the investors. Read more…

We’ve gathered lots more user stories.